NNU Income Program: Read This Secret Before You Join!!!

nnu income platform
Have you heard of nnu income program? A website which claims to be paying it's users for reading and sharing news online. Is it legit or scam? Do they really pay? How can you register with them? How can you make money with it?

Don't worry you will get everything about nnu in this post!

Please Note: You may lose your money on nnu if you don't finish reading this post.

Everything You Need To Know About NNU INCOME PROGRAM 

    This is my Payment proof for last month (September) 
    Nnu payment proof

    Here are some other NNU Payment proof:
    nnu payment proof

    nnu testimony

    nnu payment

    Do you want to register for nnu income program?
    Ever since nnu income program came to the limelight, a lot of people have been searching the internet for many questions about the platform such as:

    Is nnu legit or scam?
    How does nnu works?
    Does nnu really pay?
    How can I register on nnu?
    How to share post on nnu
    How to withdraw on nnu, etc
    Probably you were also searching one of these questions that’s why you find yourself on this page....am i right? 👀☺
    Well, whatever the case may be I want to congratulate you for landing here because...

    I'll show you everything you need to know about the income platform ranging from how to register, how to earn fast, how to make withdrawal, and all other crucial things. 

    Your own duty is just to read patiently as i reveal the goldmine to you. I mean secrets you can never find elsewhere about nnu.ng
    Remember: You may lose your money on nnu if you don't finish reading this post.


    What is NNU and How does Nnu.ng Works

    Nigerian News Update (NNU) is an initiative collaborating with Nigeria News Update (nnu.ng). The system creates an ample opportunity for its users to earn money daily online by doing simple tasks such as reading, sharing, and commenting on posts.

    NNU creates a two earning opportunity division, which are:
    1. NARS: NNU Ad Revenue Sharing (NARS) - NARS Subscribers earns their income bonus by logging in to their NNU account daily, reading news, commenting on posts, and sharing sponsored post on social media.

    2. NAP: NNU Affiliate Program (NAP) - Once you register and activate your nnu account, you're eligible to become an affiliate. As an affiliate, you earn a whopping 62.5% (N1,000) per referral on anyone who joins nnu through your referral/affiliate link.( I'll show you how to get your referral link later in this post).
    The more people you refer to join NNU INCOME Opportunity, the more your earnings will be. For example, if you refer 10 people daily, that's N10,000. Isn't that cool!
    You can read more about how nnu works on this page

    Is Nnu.Ng Legit Or Scam

    No one wants to get scammed online, not anymore! I want to tell you that nnu is 100% legit. Ever since I joined nnu, they've shown much honesty and transparency. Also, they’ve been in existence since 2017 and yet no one has ever accused them of scamming people. Why not give nnu a try today!

    How To Make Money On Nnu.Ng

    Making money on nnu is just too easy, find the full tutorial below:
    Make Money On Nnu.Ng

    There are Five major ways you can make money on nnu.ng kindly follow the below steps:


    When you login to your nnu account, you will be credited with N50. Let's now say you login consistently for 30 days, you'll be able to earn (N1, 500 I.e N50 X 30 days). Want to login to your nnu account? Click here to visit nnu login page, But if you're yet to sign up, you can click here.

    Nnu pay N2 per post. Let's assume you read 300 posts in a day, that is N2 x 300posts, which means you can earn N600 per day / N18,000 month by just reading posts on nnu. I have some working strategies you can use to earn more money on nnu.  I'll discuss it later in this post.

    How to read post on nnu

    Please, I want you to know that nnu only pays for today's News update, if you read any post that does not belong to today, you will not be paid anything. So follow my steps to know the type of posts you can read and earn with on nnu.

    Step 1: Go to www.nnu.ng and login to your nnu account
    Step 2: now go back to the homepage
    Step 3: scroll down a bit and click on the text which says "Jump To latest Post". By clicking this you'll be able to see the latest posts for today. Just keep reading all the news one by one. (I have a working tactics that can make you earn fast on your nnu account, just stay tuned I promise to share it in this post)
    nnu income

    nnu homepage

    Note: to get paid for reading, make sure you only read the posts for today (12am to 11.59pm).

    How to comment on nnu

    Step 1: Login to your nnu account and click on any news you wish to comment on, scroll down till you find something like this
    comment on nnu
    That's what we call DISQUS COMMENT BOX, you need to sign-up on DISQUS.com before you can be able to make comment on nnu, fortunately enough you can register by just clicking on any of the social icons as shown in this image. Just follow the registration procedure and finish your registration.

    Step 2: After successful registration, go back to nnu and click on any post that you want to comment on, you should have a box like this. Just click on the area which says "Join the discussion" and type your comment inside that box.
    how to comment on nnu

    Step 3: Finally, click on "Post as *your username*"


    How To Post On Nnu.Ng

    Users earn N100 for publishing a unique content on nnu. Unfortunately, this feature has been disabled at the moment. Once it's re-enabled, I'll update it in this post.


    Nnu assign a sponsored post to each members in their dashboard to share on their Facebook and Twitter Account daily, you earn N100 Naira daily when you share the assigned post as recommended.
    For instance, if you share sponsored post consecutively for 30 days, that'll be N3,000 (N100 x 30days) in a month!

    How To Share Sponsored Post On Nnu

    I’ve gotten series of complaints from people that they don’t earn anything after sharing post on nnu, well don't worry I'll teach you in this post and you'll start earning like never before!
    That's not all.....
    Before sharing post on nnu, I want you to note two crucial things:

    1. NNU does not pay for outdated sponsored post: nnu only pay you for today's date sponsored post, if you share a post that doesn't belong to today, you can't earn anything.
    2. Always read the procedure before sharing a sponsored post: when you open a sponsored post for the day, there's usually a procedure to be followed on that page. If you don't follow it, you can't be credited.

    So, how do you share sponsored post on nnu?

    Step 1: Login to your nnu account
    Step 2:  click on My Account
    nnu account

    Step 3: Scroll down a bit and look for SPONSORED POST under your profile picture and current earnings
    Step 4: click on SPONSORED POST and wait for a page to load
    nnu sponsored post
    Step 5: On the new page, keep scrolling down until you find sponsored post with today's date e.g September 8, 2018. (Remember I told you earlier that nnu does not pay for outdated post, so make you share the sponsored post meant for today's date if you want to earn your N100)

    Note: If you can't find the sponsored post for today's date, don't panic it simply mean that the admin are yet to update it. You can keep checking later until they finally update it.
    Step 6: If you find sponsored post with today's date, just click on it and read the procedure on the page
    Step 7: follow the procedure on the page. For example, this is the procedure for sharing today's sponsored post (September 8, 2018)
    Step 8: After successfully sharing the post, now go back to the sponsored post for today and scroll down a bit until you find a button which says "Click Here to earn"
    share post nnu

    Step 9: Click on the button "Click Here to earn" (the page will refresh itself and your account will be credited with N100 if you follow the procedures correctly)

    Pro tip: to be double sure whether your account is credited or not, make sure you check your Current earnings before and after sharing the post. For example, my account balance before sharing the post was 7,178 and after sharing the post it increased to 7,278 (which means I've been given N100 for sharing post)


    If you give someone your referral link and the person register their account on nnu through it, you'll be credited with a whopping 62.5% (N1,000) per referral. Let's say you refer 20 people to join nnu, you'll receive N1, 000 x 20 people = N20, 000. Wow isn't that cool!

    How To Refer On Nnu

    Before you can refer someone to join nnu income program, you will need an affiliate link that you'll give the people who wants to register.
    To find your affiliate link, follow these steps:
    Step 1: Go to https://nnu.ng/member/my-account and login with your details
    Step 2: after logging in successfully, now scroll down until you see "Affiliate / Referral Links & Coupon Code" and click on it
    refer someone nnu

    Step 3: Now scroll down and look for where they write "Your referral URL is:" Just copy the link below it and save it or write the link somewhere.
    nnu referral link

    Getting your affiliate link is not enough, so how can you get more referrals?

    How to get much referral on nnu

    Tip 1: On your facebook or whatsapp account, teach people about how nnu works and create a special group for interacting with them
    Tip 2: Publish post about how nnu works on facebook groups and tell those who are interested to drop their whatsapp number. After that, you can be able to interact with them and get them registered on nnu.
    Tip 3: Educate your colleagues, housemates, or friends about nnu income program.
    Tip 4: If you're a blogger, write a sponsored post about nnu and include your referral link in the article. You can also place nnu affiliate banner on your blog.

    How to register on nnu.ng

    Registering NNU account is a very simple task, just follow these procedures:
    Step 1: Visit the nnu registration page by clicking here
    Step 2: Input your details on the registration page
    nnu register

    Step 3: Now under the Payment method, you have two options
    Paystack (Choose this option if you want to pay with your ATM card. I'll be using this option in this post)
    Coupon (Choose this option if you already have a coupon. If you don't know how to get nnu coupon, don't worry you can buy it directly from nnu coupon page https://nnu.ng/member/coupons)
    Step 4: At the bottom of the registration page, tick the box beside " I have read and agree to the website terms and conditions" and click on MAKE PAYMENT.
    nnu payment method

    You have successfully registered your account on nnu, but it is not yet activated.
    Step 5: Now on the page, click on the text which says "CLICK HERE TO PAY WITH PAYSTACK"

    Step 6: You'll be provided with four payment options
    “Pay with Card”
    “Pay with Bank”
    “Pay with GTB 737”
    “Pay with Visa QR
    nnu payment

    I'll recommend choosing option (I) I.e Pay With Card.
    Step 7: After choosing Pay with card, you'll be prompted to input your ATM card details. The details you'll input are:
    ATM CARD NUMBER (This is the 14 to 18digits number on the front of your ATM card)
    Card Expiry (The expiry date of your ATM Card, you can find it in the front of your ATM card. It's usually in this format Month/Year e.g 06/20)
    CVV (This is the last 3 digits at the back of your ATM card)

    Step 8: After inserting your ATM card details correctly, click on "Pay 1600"
    Step 9: On the next page, you'll be prompted to input your ATM PIN, enter it and the page will automatically load itself.
    Step 10: Congratulations, you've just created your Nnu account.

    NNU Income Program Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    How To Get Nnu.Ng Coupon Code

    Coupon code is the new payment method for instant approval without delay. This is a combination of few alphabets in form of code that you need to purchase from NNU Coupon code distributors and apply on registration page. Once it’s applied. Check your dashboard if you are a registered member to see distributors list otherwise, check details page here nnu.ng/nip.

    Is Nnu Registered With CAC

    Yes, NNU is Powered by G-Cyber Technologies, a professional web and ICT business with registration number 2453653.

    How to check account balance or current earnings

    This is super Easy. Just login to your nnu account and scroll down, you'll see your current earnings under your profile name/picture
    You'll see two different earnings
    Nars Earning: this is the amount you get for reading news, sharing posts, and commenting on posts on nnu.
    Referral Earning: this refers to the total amount you get for referring people to nnu. It's usually N1, 000 per referral.
    Numbers of Refferal: this is the total number of people who have joined nnu through your referral link
    nnu earnings

    How to Withdraw On nnu income program

    Making withdrawal on nnu is very easy, just read the below guides and you'll be able to withdraw your money on nnu.

    This is the most important part of this tutorial, but before showing you how to withdraw your earnings on nnu, I want you to be aware of how the payment works:
      • Nnu payout begins on the 27th - 30th or the end of the month depending on how much they are paying out and how long the payroll is. (It may roll over to the next month at times)
      • When you request for withdrawal, nnu will check your profile and activities.
      • When you make a withdrawal request, your profile and activities will be checked, if you are not eligible, you will get a reply before or during the next payout starting from 27th of the month including the reason why you may not get paid yet.
      • If you are eligible, your withdrawal will be recorded for payout with a reply as well. To get paid on the 27th - 30th or the end month, you must make a withdrawal request when you are willing to cash out before the 25th of the month.

    Before you can be able to withdraw...
    1. You must have earned the minimum amount of N5,000 including referral earning.
    2. You can only request for withdrawal once in a month. (If you request more than once, your withdrawal request will be discarded and your nnu account may be banned for this single action)
    You can read more about how nnu pays. Here 


    Like I said earlier in this post that “ever since I joined nnu, they've never played any trick game nor scam any of their users. Below are some of the proofs and testimonies about nnu:

    Do you want to register for nnu income program?

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