How To Meet And Keep Contact With The Right People


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Attending seminars, workshops and a lot of other programs are norms to some people. They do not find it difficult to go from one to another while taking part actively, taking notes and gathering useful resources. But to what end?

    Many meet people who will help their career in a way or another, they exchange contacts and it all end there.

    They feel good for having met the person, gotten the contact and of course, they could see themselves progressing. But the problem is, on departure from the seminar, it all ends. They fail to contact these people to exchange ideas or seek help.

    They prefer to leave the acquaintance in a mini storage. Why then did they go as far as exchanging contacts if nothing is going to come from it?

    For some others, they find these programs very boring and hard to keep up with. Some other believe they are already at the peak of their career and need no further connection that may probably advance their career.


    The “right people” in this context refer to people who will help you advance in your career or business. Of course, meeting people is quite easy as there are approximately 7.6 billion people in the world. Going to clubs, at a shopping mall, the park or school, there are hundreds of people around. But meeting the people who will help you increase your life proficiency rather than while it away, people who will help you maintain your time profitably rather than spend it on useless talks is the deal.

    Meeting the right people requires a lot of careful observation and quick decision. The observation of course, have to be a very fast a quick one, you observe, listen and monitor closely the person’s behavior. You do not want to meet someone who is only bluffing and has no meaningful addition to your career.

    Therefore, a careful observation is very necessary. Many times, you may not meet an exact master of your career line, you may meet other newbies like yourself, then you get to fuse ideas together with the help of a mentor to do great things.

    Public speaking and workshops where professionals in your line are invited is a very good avenue. After the program, many give out their contacts for further enquiry or questions. Through these, you can get to contact the person and likely get more help with your career.

    Ask casually around. Asking your friends if they know a professional in your field won’t hurt. Through them, you may get to be introduced and have consultations made.

    At other times, you can search online for contacts, websites or mail. Many professionals have a section of their businesses online. Use your LinkedIn or Facebook for this purpose.

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    Keeping Them

    When you exchange contacts, of course, the other person is as enthusiastic as you are and they are also willing to exchange ideas with you. (They look forward to learning something new and vice versa).

    Therefore, taking advantage of this enthusiasm will go a long way. Sending them a “Hi, hope you got home safely” text or asking questions about parts you missed at the seminar will help you establish familiarity grounds.

    You do not necessarily have to throw all the workloads on them at once. Rather, get to know more about them and their code of conduct in business. Do not be the frontier and do not make other newbies like yourself feel intimidated. Go on a not too slow pace while still exchanging ideas.

    Some other times, you may not need the person immediately but storing the contact and keeping it till future notice will make their memory of you fade. Exchange an occasional hi and hello, comment meaningfully on their Facebook posts, ask for opinions or advice. In this way, you may not yet be actively on their mind, but you are most likely somewhere safe in their memory.

    Treat your acquaintances with care, you may get to meet other people through them. And always keep in mind that every person you know knows something you don’t know.   

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