Cloud Storage: List Of Factors To Consider When Choosing One.

How To Pick The Right Cloud Storage Service

Choosing a Cloud Storage Company goes beyond just reading the company review from a blog –  Even the blogger might be an affiliate. It requires more than just visiting the Prospective Cloud Vendors website.

If you are looking for a right cloud hosting provider for your business then you have to consider lots of factors which we are going to list in this article.

    What is Cloud Storage?

    Cloud Storage is a Cloud Company model in which files/data are stored on a remote server that can be accessed through the Internets on requests.

    Images, Music and videos or even an entire website can be store in the cloud. It is maintained by cloud Storage provider that charge the content's owner monthly or Annually.

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    Big Companies like Microsoft, Google and Facebook make use of their own private servers.

    In a Layman language, cloud storage is a way of storing data on the internet, through a third party who own and operate data Storage Capacity.

    Importance of Cloud Storage

    The world is becoming more of data, Big Tech Company makes use of Data in their day to day activities. This Data is stored in a place called “Cloud”

    1. Accessibility: With your data stored in the cloud, it can be accessed from anywhere in the world, once you are connected to the Internet.

    2. Cost Saving: Cloud Storage helps to reduce the cost of running a Self operated storage especially in the case of small companies.

    3. Disaster Recovery: In the Case of Disaster, Cloud Storage can serve as a Back Up.

    4. Usability: Cloud Storage allows users to drag and drop files between the Cloud and their Local Storage.

    List of factors to consider when choosing a Cloud Storage Provider

    •Security Capabilities: When you give your data to Cloud Storage Provider, you have to have to ask yourself some questions: Will the integrity of my data be provided? Is the firewall strong enough?
    How good is their Anti-Virus? And some other factors.

    • Price Considerations: We have many Cloud Storage Provider and the competition has being so high. Some Charge annually and some Monthly, you have to look at your company financial capability.
    NB : Some offer free service up to some extent.

    • Data Storage Location: Storing data in the cloud is not all abstract, there is always a physical location where the data will be stored at, but have you ever think of natural disaster occurring there as well; it will be a disaster.

    • Tech Support: Every technology has its own flaws. When the unfortunate happens it is important to know when the provider's customer services will be online.

    10 Best Cloud Storage of 2018 you should try

    1. Dropbox
    2. Google Drive
    3. Mega
    4. Onedrive
    5. iCloud
    6. BOX
    7. NextCloud
    8. SpiderOak
    9. iDrive
    10. Pcloudr

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